Friday, 23 March 2012

Trump brothers drip with blood

The Trump brothers came to wild Africa and conquered. Having shot a variety of animals including a leopard and an elephant, they now bask in the glory of their perceived masculinity. What erections they must have had, when their high-powered rifles shot their bullets into the flesh of these creatures. What throbbing they must have felt when cutting off the elephant's tail for their sick mementos. People that get off on cowardly acts like this, can only get off on cowardly acts like this. You have to wonder how they managed to get through their school career without going postal on their classmates. Then again, in the States, you can never know if one of your peers are packing too. Animals are a much easier target.

The tour company pretty much does everything for you, all you have to do is pull the trigger and pay the money, and then, you get to feel like a real man. To the Trump brothers this  was as close to roughing it, and as dangerous, as making their own cup of coffee.

It is true that the majority of people opposed to their despicable behaviour are meat eaters themselves, something which the Trump Twits posted on Twitter. People so readily say things such as : "Why make such a fuss over animals, when there are so many humans suffering?"

Why not just look at the numbers? Seven Billion people, while we talk of threatened animal species in their thousands or hundreds. Leopards and elephants are not cows or sheep, there are only so many of them. Do we really want to be showing our children pictures of more things the human race has destroyed.

If the Trump brothers want to prove to the world just how manly they are, why don't they go into the enclosure and kill the animals by hand. Then we would know the fight was at least fair. But we know they wouldn't even contemplate such a thing. What would one expect from the spawn of a man who varnishes his hair into place as if it were another of his constructions?

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