Saturday, 2 June 2012

Everyone should join the ANC!

With the ANC becoming more like the National Party of old these days, I believe it is time for drastic action. It's as if they harvested that finger of PW Botha's and inserted it in some repository of theirs, with the result that we now have an ugly rotting finger wagging the body politic.

We do not need to have our own Arab Spring. As much as we like violence and all the excitement that goes with it, there is another way to take this country back. We do not have to revert to stereotype, and my suggestion is a campaign that will finally make the ANC unhinge itself, and forever silence it's racist propaganda. A campaign that will pull us all back from the abyss we appear to be looking into.

It is this : All whites (those counter-revolutionaries and other racists) Coloureds(who should move to other parts of the country)  and Indians (who are not related to the Gupta Family, because they already belong) should join the ANC and become card carrying members. This does not mean that you would then vote for them, on the contrary, I urge you not to. What it will do, however, is silence the ANC and it's racist rhetoric. It can not call its own members racist, can it? (although I'm sure they will surprise us) It will confuse them entirely.

It will also give them a false sense of security, and this is the best way of relieving them of their abusive power.
I don't believe there is any other way of avoiding the present slide. It is a perfect way of conducting psychological warfare in a peaceful yet effective manner. It will also appeal to those who get a kick out of doing the 'wrong' thing (and we know there are many of those around) and at the same time, it will be fun. I am going to join the ANC this week and I urge you all to join me. Amandla Comrades! Tenders for all! Awhetu!  The time is now!

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