Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two-wheeled morons

I don't need to set my alarm clock any more, as I get woken every morning by the same, annoying sound emanating from the chrome penis extension that finds itself attached to these so-called super bikes. If they're not revving their motors in the driveway, to let everyone know of their miserable existence, they're roaring down the road at high speed with their high pitched drone resonating through the neighbourhood.

The only reasonable motorcyclist I've come across lately was one whose bike no longer functioned. I put them in the same league as BMW drivers, who gravitate towards these sort of vehicles because of their aggressive design, thus reflecting their own nature for the world to see. I believe they have what it commonly referred to as SPS (small penis syndrome), and this remains their only way of compensating for their inadequacy. Or they have such low self esteem, that they find this is the only way to attract attention to themselves.

If that sound is so important to them, can't they simply record it and listen to it in the privacy of their own home, or through headphones? No, of course not, because that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?
Years ago, one used to hear of the occasional motorcyclist being knocked down on the radio, then it became one a day, and now it's up to three a day. Quite frankly, I don't find this surprising at all. Everyone knows how they ride, and one has to wonder if the number of wheels always outnumbers their IQ. I know that it's perfectly legal to ride between lanes, but at the speed at which it's done, it's a wonder not more are knocked down. They also seem oblivious to the fact that people no longer indicate their intention, so any vehicle could cut in front of them at any time.

I went cycling up Chapman's peak the Sunday before the Argus Cycle Tour, and there were hundreds of cyclists, people walking, people jogging. These morons on their motorcycles came tearing up, cutting corners, and putting peoples lives in danger. Last year I saw a cyclist that had been knocked off his bike by one of them, and all that was left behind when I passed on the return trip was a large pool of blood.

I know that there are motorcyclists who are not idiots, but I think that nowadays, they seem to be a rare breed in this country. I wish super bikes could be banned, but I think, that because of their behaviour, they'll turn out to be a dying breed anyway.


  1. Dear Doctor Roof

    I have been riding all kinds of motor bikes including superbikes for the better part of 20 years without incident until the 8th of September last year when some inconsiderate tourist driving, believe it or not a MOTORCAR decided to cross over a double barrier line right in front of me causing an accident. This accident left me with a broken knee, a crushed foot, a broken wrist, a broken ankle, broken fingers, and a broken shoulder. Three months in a wheelchair and 500k worth of hospital bills later I’m still on crutches and will be for a long time to come. I nearly lost my job and will need to receive medical attention for the next few years What happened to the driver of the car? Nothing, the police didn’t even lay a charge!

    Before you give the usual response of “I bet you were speeding” I will send you four eye witness reports who said I was not.

    You sound like the typical motorist who has never ridden a bike and only see’s one side of a story. Maybe you should go do your homework and see how many motorcycle accidents are caused by cars either rear ending bikes or turning out in front of them. I sincerely hope you have sons one day who grow up to love bikes as most men do. Then suffer the trauma of going to see your son on a ventilator all because of someone like you who believes that motorcycles should not be allowed to share the same piece of tarmac as cars.

    You seem to be the only small dick, low IQ moron around here.

  2. Dear Piet Pompies

    I'm going to sound like a stuck record by saying this : READ THE ARTICLE! If you do, you will see that I acknowledge that not ALL motorcyclists are
    idiots. It pains me to have to point this out, but I am talking about a certain type of motorcyclist that would behave in the same manner no matter what he drove or rode.I have motor cycled for years and have had two accidents, one caused by a car cutting in front of me. I am fully aware of the dangers involving a two-wheeled vehicle. When I drive my car I am more aware than most about motorbikes coming up behind me. Either you haven't read the article properly or you are one of the types I'm talking about. If it's the latter, then you won't comprehend what I've just written.